The active agent: Ambroxol

Ambroxol is a proven, reliable and effective expectorant. It enables sticky phlegm to be removed from the respiratory system faster and more easily by enhancing the bronchial secretions that loosen congested phlegm. Ambroxol also releases and strengthens the cilia (tiny striking hairs inside the windpipe and bronchial tubes), which can then expel the abnormal phlegm with their conveyor-belt like action.

Ambroxol increases the body's production of surfactant, a substance that promotes the clearance mechanism for elimination of germs or other pathogens, which helps to prevent and overcome infection in the bronchi.

Ambroxol was first introduced in the form of Mucosolvan® in 1978 and has proven to be a reliable, trusted expectorant for the treatment of productive cough. Mucosolvan® is one of the leading therapies for cough and is available in many countries around the world.

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Ask the experts

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